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Early Childhood Preschool Program Recognized for Exemplary Practice 2004-2005

Again this year the Kansas State Department of Education recognizes an early childhood program that incorporates innovative and progressive practices into their program and the services provided for children and families. These practices go beyond the requirements of IDEA and are judged to be exemplary by a panel of professionals from across the state. Individual programs submit an application to be considered for this recognition, and this year one program was recognized for exemplary components of their program.

The Haysville Early Childhood Program of the Haysville Unified School District #261 is recognized in the area of integrated service delivery. This program through planning and integration of therapies into ongoing activities of the classroom and working within the curriculum meets the educational goals of their children. This program also has a parent resource room that is staffed two afternoons a week. Focus and careful preparation is clearly an important part of the program and is evidenced by the fact that paraprofessionals are paid to participate in planning time, specific time is set aside for weekly team meetings and monthly the planning for the program includes teachers, therapists, administrators and finance personnel. The transdisciplinary nature of the team approach used with therapy integration and the emphasis on staff training/planning make these program components exemplary.

Contact Person: Carla Heintz, Early Childhood Coordinator, 1745 W. Grand, Haysville, KS 67060, 316.554.2233.

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