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Kansas Stakeholders Advisory Committee for Early Childhood Education

Revised 2001
The Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education for Children Birth through Eight in Kansas were developed in response to the document, Supporting Families and Young Children in Kansas, which was adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education in December 1992. The Quality Standards created a vision for early care and education providers and families, to make certain that children have access to high-quality and developmentally appropriate programs.Beginning in 1993, numerous individuals and organizations came together to address common interests and concerns relating to early childhood programs in Kansas. This group of stakeholders included parents and family members, representatives of many professional organizations and university programs, various service providers from the field, administrators, state agency personnel, and other policy makers.Six outcomes were identified to ensure that all young children growing up in Kansas did so in the best possible circumstances, enabling them to become caring, competent, and contributing members of society. These outcomes were believed to be the shared responsibility of families, communities, businesses, schools, legislators, advocacy groups, resource personnel, and all citizens of Kansas. The following outcomes were listed in Supporting Families and Young Children in Kansas and used in the development of the Quality Standards:
Every pregnant woman will receive adequate prenatal care to ensure the birth of a healthy infant. All young children will enjoy nutritious diets that support the development of healthy bodies and minds. All young children will develop a positive self-concept and a sense of self-worth that provide the confidence, energy, and optimism enabling them to live and learn to their full potential. All young children will acquire communication skills, including language skills, through a variety of rich, multi-sensory experiences that foster learning and thinking. Children will grow up in stable, nurturing families that are strengthened through supportive communities. Families will possess the parenting skills and knowledge of resources they need to ensure the well-being of their children.

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